UPlay Passport Code Generator

UPlay Passport Code Generator

Download - UPlay Passport Code Generator

Now Generate uplay Passport code and Download Games Free 

How to run UPlay Passport Code Generator :
1. Download UPlay Passport Code Generator and Run it
2. Click on “GENERATE” button, Get your Uplay Passport Code
3. Redeem it on Uplay
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You need a new one, but why paying a second time if you already paid for game?

The UPlay Passport Generator is the answer :
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Download information :
To access your new game, you will need to launch Uplay PC. Your game will be visible in the "GAMES" section. Please note that there could be a delay for your game to appear in this section.

What is Uplay PC?
Uplay PC is a new desktop client which replaces individual game launchers previously used for Ubisoft PC games. With Uplay PC, customers have all their Uplay-enabled PC games and Uplay services in the same place and get access to a new set of features for their PC games. Uplay PC is available for download via www.uplay.com. For those who already have a Uplay PC-enabled game with a game launcher, the game launcher will autopatch into the Uplay PC client.

Do customers have to download/register for Uplay to play Ubisoft’s PC games?
A single Uplay account is needed and that account works across all platforms (consoles, PC and mobile) and can also be used to access all Ubisoft’s online destinations, such as game Web sites and forums. A customer’s profile is accessible at all times from any of these platforms. If customers already have a Uplay account, they simply use their existing login and password to login to Uplay PC. Otherwise, they will be asked to create a new account upon their first connection to Uplay PC.

Main Features:

Browse and re-download your games.

Chat, friends list and notifications.

Redeem Rewards for all platforms.

Play supported games offline.

Always start your game where you left it.

Browse and purchase our latest games.

Discover new free-to-play games and demos.

Enjoy your games!

Download - UPlay Passport Code Generator